About Us

Our firm formed in 1998 as a family enterprise. Our activities within the interior decoration are making and distributing liquid textile-wallpaper, as well as undertaking furnishing assignments. We consider the popularization of the textil-wallpaper important, since it is still unfamiliar for many people. For this purpose we distribute our advertisments in different kind of papers throughout the country. We are trying to make known this Hungarian product with the people, therefore we expand our reseller network continuously. Hereby our enquirers, customers are from the whole territory of Hungary.

Our showroom is our home at the same time, where of course in every place the liquid or with other words smearable textile-wallpaper is the cover on the walls. Everyone who pay a visit to us, can see that how it is look like, what is it's structre, it's variability and how nice it is. Also it can be seen how it behaves in everyday life, that it's color is the same after a long time, even after 15 years, as it was on the first day after it was made.

Before purchasing the suitable color can be chosen from our catalogue. The wallpaper is handed over in dry state and in bag to our customers whose work is helped by professional advise and technological descriptions.

It is possible to mix custom colors, and we can fit even to any surface-plate. This service is absolutely special, because we do not adhere to the popular, general colors which were assemled during the years in our catalog.

After a preliminary survey, before making up the product, we always mix the necessery components of the wallpaper at the customer's place with the customer's supervision. Our opinion is frequently asked and our ideas always result in appropriate, unique solutions.

We undertake furnishing assignments also in case of newly built houses or in case of old houses which need to be renovated. On the bases of our ideas and plans we show the result for our customer through sight-plan, furnishing sketches and all the other plans according to discussion.